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President's Report

President’s Letter MAY 2018

Pam Brown

 Hello, Fellow ICFTN Members,

Our chapter is active!

At the time of this writing, the International Coaching Week committee is putting the final touches on the May 8 Get Coached event. The committee is chaired by our Immediate Past President Terry Warren. Corine Sandifer, Glenn Maul, Caleb McLaughlin and  Susan Salomone serve alongside him. It’s been wonderful to witness the care and attention they have put into this event. I am also grateful for the 22 coaches who have volunteered to see clients that evening. Think about the ripple effect that will occur as individuals from the community experience coaching for the first time. Like the shampoo commercial from the 1970s said, “they’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends…”

Thanks to those of you who raised your hand to work with the Outreach Committee on its annual pro bono coaching project. Again, we will experience a ripple effect when clients come away with positive experiences from being gifted with coaching.

Last Friday, board treasurer and PCC Mark Robertson was the guest speaker at ICFTN-East’s membership meeting in Knoxville. His topic was Ontological Coaching and he shared his definition of what that means, as well as the two main models that underpin the theory behind it. It’s good to see “cross pollination” between ICFTN and the ICFTN-East subchapter. I plan to register for a future meeting in Knoxville and I’m sure the subchapter members would love it if you do the same!

In last month’s column I told you I have a passion for developing future board members. Current board members Donna Yurdin and Joanna Williams have agreed to work with me to formalize a program around this. We’ll have our first meeting later this month and I look forward to sharing specifics soon.

Elsewhere in this newsletter, you’ll read about an upcoming offering from ICF-Tennessee: The Business of Coaching. Terry Humphrey selflessly put together this dynamic program, which will be offered under the auspices of the Program Committee led by Dayle Savage and Walter Tieck. I won’t steal any more of their thunder here, but be sure and check it out. It promises to be popular and I don’t want you to miss out on it.

Thank you for the honor of serving as your 2018 chapter president, and as always, I can be reached at


Pam Brown, ACC, CFRE | ICFTN President

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Calendar of Events

Co-Creative Accountability


Presented by: Deb Palmer George

The May session is an invitation to conversation and experience rooted in the fundamental tenet of coaching, “people are already whole, resourceful, and creative.” It’s almost like a mantra, a vehicle for transporting the mind. In meditation, mantra transports the mind to stillness. In coaching, our “mantra” transports the mind to connection, connection in the moment with all that is present within client and coach so their process “inspires the client to maximize their personal and professional potential.” (

The ways that this tenet manifests in coaching are as unique as the individual coaches who practice.

  • What is it like for coaches to know themselves as whole, resourceful, and creative?

  • How does that connection within ourselves create an invitation for clients to know themselves in that way?

  • How does the wholeness of “you” and “I” co-create the “We” from which shift, choice, and progress emerge?

  • What is the usefulness of stuck places and what is possible on the other side of that which no longer serves?

Join us as we discover 'co-creative accountability' together through the modality of Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ).

As we celebrate coaching and all coaches during International Coaching Week, we look forward to the whole, resourceful, and creative group that gathers on May 13 for this exploration. We invite you to register today and bring a friend!


Deb Palmer GeorgeDeb Palmer George’s mission is to guide individuals and organizations to thriving. She does this by combining over 25 years of executive experience in HR/OD, strategic planning and business development with advanced training in Appreciative Inquiry and Conversational Intelligence® and Gestalt practice intended to help people connect with the best in themselves and others to achieve what matters most. 

Earn 1 ICF Core Competency CCE

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Training & Networking

group mentoring with pat white, mcc, THE NEXT STEP TO YOUR RENEWAL OR CREDENTIAL - june & july 2018

Pat White, MCCLAST CHANCE TO SIGN-UP NOW FOR SPRING GROUP! This once a year program led by Pat White will help you polish your coaching skills AND provide 10 hours of mentor coaching to apply for or renew credentials. Space is limited, so take the NEXT step now!



All training events are two-day classes, total of 16 CEUs upon completion. Registration required to attend. $50 for Brentwood Baptist members. Non-Brentwood Baptist members ($250 fee).

For registration and class information contact Janet Walls,


Radiant Coaches Academy-holistic coach certification training - october 22-november 2, 2018

Holistic Coach Certification



The Middle Tennessee SHRM Programs, Legal Education and Professional Development committees invite members of our business community, academic scholars, subject matter experts as well as professional and associate members to share their experiences and best practices with MT|SHRM members. Find a list of focus areas and information to submit your presentation information here.

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Welcome New Members

Please give a warm welcome (or welcome back!) to our NEW members and our RENEWING members.

Lisa Baker, Get Your Greatness Life Coaching

Ward Cammack, The Ward Cammack Company, LLC - HOLARITY

Mark Cappellino, Mark Cappellino

Laura Coleman, Coleman Life Coaching

Jerry Essary, Jerry Essary Coaching

David Goodridge, Occasio Coaching

Mark Myers, Career Connection Partners

Hope Nordstrom, Lipscomb University

Leonora Williamson, Self-Employed

Linda Zelnik, ALTA Coaching

Manon Zouai, Manon Zouai


Member Note: Don't hesitate to contact the ICFTN Assistant, Celeste Shepherd, if you need any assistance with renewing a membership, filling out your profile, or navigating the site.

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Business of Coaching



Whether you’ve had your business for years or are contemplating putting yourself out there for the first time, this pilot is designed to be accessible to all with design elements to create more success in taking key actions.


  • Six 90-minute virtual classes, with a one week break, will be conducted from 11:30am-1pm on July 16, July 23, July 30, Break week, August 13, August 20 and August 27.

  • During the program, work with selected experienced coaches in a one-hour Coaching Circle (small group) weekly on Wednesday for just-in-time, laser-focused coaching.

  • Be assigned to a triad of your peers for accountability, encouragement and peer coaching.

  • Materials and tools are included.


  • The Pilot Program is limited to 21 participants. If we don’t have enough members sign-up, we may choose to offer this opportunity to non-members as well.

  • You have to show up and participate. We’re not recording the program because we know being present in the learning environment works better, and we’re not all that great with recording technology anyway.

  • We’ll survey you to see what improvements and ideas that you have. Ideally we’d like to offer this program twice a year, and we can’t do that without your feedback and involvement in making this program worth your investment of time and money.

  • There are 9 CCEs available as Resource credits as of right now, and we’re researching the possibility for any CORE CCEs.

  • Registration closes June 29.

  • Triads and Coaching Circles will be assigned once registration is closed.

Program Curriculum

International Coaching Week (ICW)

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Mentors Needed

The ICFTN Membership Committee would like to welcome all new Members and Returning Members.  Help us make your membership a learning and rewarding experience by letting us know your goals and intentions. As usual, we are always looking for ideas and suggestions from our membership. 2018 Membership Co-Chairs: Hank Staggs and Anna Walker

Read more about becoming a Mentor.

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Member News

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