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No doubt you will agree this has been a year for the history books.  As coaches, we help others become who they are meant to be, and the Prism Awards offer us the chance to recognize our colleagues who are becoming who they are meant to bePlease participate in celebrating lives well lived and shared in 2020. Nominations will be accepted through October 31. Award recipients will be recognized during the December chapter meeting.


The navigator program is an opportunity for coaches to serve other coaches by sharing expertise and providing support. Navigator engagements consist of three 30-minute conversations. These interactions might focus on career, entrepreneurship or family, education, work-life balance, or any other topics the two parties agree on. Here’s how it works:

This program is designed to help our members build relationships, get needed resources, and pay it forward. Navigators will offer their time and identify their areas of expertise. Protégés will identify a need question or problem they have. The membership committee will pair Navigators with Proteges. They each sign terms of agreement and the pair will schedule and meet on their own from there. 

The ICFTN NAVIGATOR PROGRAM: matching a Coach with a question to a Coach with an answer.


Welcome New & Returning Members

Please give a warm welcome (or welcome back!) to our NEW members and our RENEWING members.

Dayle Savage, spiraLearning, LLC

Megan Johnson-Rox, JMJ Communication Group

Lisa Gamble, Lee Hecht Harrison

Lisa Baker, Get Your Greatness Coaching

Susan Douglas, Vanderbilt University, LPO Dept.

Jayne Robinson, The Detangler

Marc Wolfe, Marc A. Wolfe Enterprises, LLC

Anna Walker, The Total You Image Consulting


New Member Orientation Dates

Nov 13 10:00-11:00 Virtual

Member Note: Don't hesitate to contact ICFTN Assistant, Celeste Shepherd, if you need any assistance renewing a membership, filling out your profile, or navigating the site.

In addition to the many benefits of the ICF Global, the ICF TN local chapter provides coaches with the personal connections that can only be gained through community. Click here for a description of all the benefits your Tennessee Chapter ICF membership conveys.

Member Support


If you have Member News, such as career and business news items (company name change, accreditation, significant award, etc.), please send that information to ICFTN Assistant, Celeste Shepherd.

Support your fellow coaches by letting them know how ICFTN membership can benefit them. Please share the value you get from chapter membership. Submit your testimonial to the ICFTN president at [email protected].



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