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Sheila Delony

After experiencing the power of coaching, Sheila knew she wanted to create space for more women to hear and trust their own voices. Read more >>


John Hope

John is new to Nashville as well as ICFTN. He turned a negative (boo ageism) into a positive career change. Read more >>

Erica Teasley

Erica Teasley

Erica is just getting started on her coaching journey and looks forward to embarking on a path focused on career/workplace/team executive coaching. Read more >>

Mentor Coaches

DID YOU KNOW? ICFTN has four certified Mentor Coaches!

Brenda Baird, PCC

Terry Humphrey

Mark Stamper, PCC

Pat White, MCC


If you are a mentor coach and would like others to be aware, please follow these instructions to update your member profile:

1. Log in as a member

2. Go to Member Information Editor

3. Scroll to the bottom where Groups are

4. Click Edit

5. Then click on Mentor Coach

6. Then click Assign


Looking for information on ICF Credentialing?

The ICF Global team has created an informative 17-minute Credentialing Informational Video.

If you have questions after watching the video, join a live Quarterly Q&A Call to get answers. Click here for the Dates and Times of the 2021 calls and to register.


50% Discount for ICFTN Members

Dying Well: Coaching for End of Life Coaches have a very important role to play in supporting clients navigating end-of-life issues.  When we hold space for authentic discussions on how to die well, humanity lives well.

Join an experiential 1 Hour 45 min session that reveals and supports development in end-of-life conversations. Whether you are a coach, a trusted advisor, or an individual seeking to hold space for another in their end-of-life decision-making, knowing your own capacity and limitations in these conversations is key. How can we empower others to find self-determination in these important decisions without doing our own work?

April 15

ICFTN Members receive 50% off with Coupon Code "ICFTN" at registration. Click here for more information.



Navigator Program

Visit the updated Navigator Program page!


Welcome New & Returning Members

Please give a warm welcome (or welcome back!) to our NEW members and our RENEWING members.

Celeste LaReau, CML Group

Rhodes Logan, Horizons Stewardship

Craig Mueller, Dollar General

Sharolyn Payton, Payton Place Coaching & Consulting

Melissa Stack, Beaconhill Training & Development

Jerry Essary, Jerry Essary Coaching

Gail Southwell, Southwell Consulting, LLC

Mark Myers, Career Connection Partners

Debbie Radish-Respess, Invisible Horizons Coaching and Consulting

Karl Anderson, Karl Anderson

Glenda Betts, Betts Life & Career Leadership Coaching

Dennis Dougherty, DPDougherty & Assoc.

Kristi Hunter, Wellpower Health Coaching, LLC

Karen Nash, Graphic Transformations

Windy Wile, Worth Wile Coaching

  New Member Orientation Dates

May 21, 2021

Aug 20, 2021

Nov 19, 2021

Member Note: Don't hesitate to contact ICFTN Assistant, Celeste Shepherd, if you need any assistance renewing a membership, filling out your profile, or navigating the site.

As a new member, you will receive a Connector within 30 days of joining the chapter. ICFTN  Connectors help you feel welcome, engaged and involved in activities and events during your first 90 days of membership. The Connector is there for you to answer any questions you may have and offer to be a resource as you become oriented to the chapter. 

In addition to the many benefits of the ICF Global, the ICF TN local chapter provides coaches with the personal connections that can only be gained through community. Click here for a description of all the benefits your Tennessee Chapter ICF membership conveys. 

Member Support


If you have Member News, such as career and business news items (company name change, accreditation, significant award, etc.), please send that information to ICFTN Assistant, Celeste Shepherd.

Support your fellow coaches by letting them know how ICFTN membership can benefit them. Please share the value you get from chapter membership. Submit your testimonial to the ICFTN president at [email protected].



Instructions for How To Update Your Member Profile>>

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