The NAVIGATOR program exists as a way for experienced coaches to serve as experts/advisors and provide limited support on specific topics or skills related to coaching or building a coaching business. Navigators provide advice, consulting, coaching and/or training to support development of members’ coaching or business-building skills.

Members who have experience/expertise and are willing to share their knowledge and skills with other coaches are eligible to be a Navigator AND members who are seeking assistance with an area of their coaching or their business are encouraged to seek out a Navigator.

The Navigator experience is a minimum three-hour commitment over a 30-day period. Both parties may agree to extend the relationship under mutually-agreeable terms. Because this role is voluntary, asking Navigators to commit to more than 3 hours of free service over 30 days might prevent highly-qualified members from agreeing to participate. This Program is not a substitute for a coaching engagement or training program. It is a member-to-member service with many benefits.

How does the Navigator Program work:

  • The Membership Committee will reach out to experienced coaches and ask them to become Navigators. Coaches can also volunteer to be Navigators: those who volunteer will be asked to indicate the topics(s) for which they are willing to provide support.

  • Member Coaches will request assistance for a specific topic/skill through a website portal. A member of the Membership committee will match Navigators and proteges.

  • A Navigator will not be asked to support more than one member at a time unless he/she indicates a willingness to do so.

  • Navigators support can be through these mediums: email, phone, online platform or face-to-face.

  • A concise agreement for the Navigator and member to sign for this service is included on the website. We encourage everyone to sign an agreement.

Become a Navigator


The benefits of being or having a Navigator include:

  • Support the high standards we set for ourselves as coaches around personal and professional development

  • Have opportunities to share best practices

  • Network and build new relationships

  • Pay it forward and/or give back

  • Contribute to value-added benefits of membership

  • Add ICFTN NAVIGATOR to Social Media

  • Increase credibility, visibility and reputation

  • Receive recognition in chapter publications, on the web site, and at meetings. (The Chapter will ask for, and publish, testimonials.)

Suggested topics for the Navigator Program include:

Coaching specialties/skills/topics

- Business
- Career
- Communication/Presentation
- Education/Academic
- Executive/Leadership
- Family/Parenting
- Franchise/Entrepreneurship
- Health and Wellness
- Life Transitions/ Midlife/Retirement
- Life/Personal Balance
- Spirituality
- Continuing Coaching Education
- Credentialing

Business-building skills/topics

- Business Development
- Social Media
- Marketing
- Speaking and Events
- New Business Start-Up
- Sales