Interested in Hiring a Coach? A Few Steps that May Help You

By Terry Warren, ACC

If you’re feeling stuck, considering a career change or facing a new and challenging role, a professional coach can help. Professional coaching is a thought-provoking process that helps individuals unlock their personal and professional potential and holds them accountable for the solutions and strategies they want to achieve.

As an ICF credentialed coach and President of International Coach Federation, Tennessee (ICFTN), I have witnessed the tremendous impact of coaching. In my personal experience, I have seen clients achieve 100% of the goals they chose and were deliberate about accomplishing.  And I’ve watched others discover how a passion in their personal life can actually have application to their work life.

For example, one client was having a difficult time relating to the employees he managed. Yet when he talked about coaching little league, he literally stood up with enthusiasm about helping each of the children in specific areas where they needed assistance. When I asked how managing a team of young people might be similar to managing the people right outside his office, his whole perspective on the issue shifted. The experience helped him see a path to become a better leader in the office.

Individuals and companies hire coaches for a number of different reasons, such as accelerating their movement toward a goal or dream; making a transformational shift from a belief or behavior that may be holding them back; gaining balance; or making the mental transition to a new role, where “what got them here will not get them there.”

According to the ICF Global Client Study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, 99% of companies and individuals that worked with a coach were either somewhat or very satisfied. The same study found that other benefits of coaching include improved self-confidence, relationships, communication skills and work/life balance.

If you’re interested in learning how you might benefit from coaching, here are a few steps that may help you:

  • Educate yourself about coaching.  Review articles and talk to friends or colleagues who have worked with a coach. Visit the International Coach Federation website at

  • Think about your objectives for working with a coach.  What would be possible if you accelerated the achievement of something very important to you?

  • Interview several coaches before you decide on one. Ask each about his or her experience, qualifications and skills. Also ask for references.

  • Once you select a coach, commit to being intentional about achieving the goals you set with your coach.

Our website provides resources and a directory of credentialed coaches that may assist you in your search.  

The use of professional coaches is growing all around the world because individuals and organizations have experienced its amazing impact. Anyone who feels stuck or wants to accelerate a dream can benefit from coaching.

Terry Warren is an ICF Associate Certified Coach with more than 40 years of leadership experience. 

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