Coach Volunteer Information Form

Community Outreach Coaching Program

Contact Information


I Would like to volunteer for:

  Gift of Coaching program, offering a minimum of one coaching session per month (at a time determined by you and your client) from July-November
  Get Clear with Coaching, offering 1-4 virtual sessions in September 2020

I am available to provide coaching in the following areas

  Leadership/Executive Coaching
  Mentor Coaching
  Personal/ Career Coaching
  Board Experience/Coaching
  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Coaching
  Organization/Team/Group Coaching
  Wellness/Health Coaching
  Financial Coaching
  Other (please specify)

Community Outreach Coach Requirements:

  I am an ICF-Tennessee Member.
  I have completed at least 60 coach training hours through an ICF accredited or recognized program or an International Coach Community program.
  I have read and committed to uphold the ICF Code of Ethics*

*ICF Code of Ethics