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Marketing Monday: How to Coach Your Clients to Become Influential

November 28, 2016
12:00 PM CST - 1:00 PM CST
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Virtual - Conference Call


Marketing Monday

This presentation introduces the participants to the Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®) and how it will help the client clearly define and quickly move toward goals, impact the coach’s ability to work with a client, and grow the coach’s business.

Participants will: 

  • Discover how influence impacts the success of their practice 

  • Explore using the Keller Influence Indicator® as a marketing and coaching tool 

  • Learn how to use a new model of building their client’s influence 

  • Understand how the Seven Influence Traits™ impact their clients 

  • Identify and develop high potential leaders and forward-thinking influencers within an organization  

 Each participant will learn: 

  • The correlation between being an influential coach and how that lends to helping the client increase their potential for being influential 

  • The implications of using the Seven Influence Traits™ to coach their clients to achieve goals

  • The root causes or core qualities to coach on that are responsible for barriers and/or achievements 

  • How to use the Keller Influence Indicator® tool to create new awareness and motivation in their clients

  • New! Receive a FREE KII® Assessment AND both full KII® and SOCR™ Reports!  

   “This has been the most useful webinar and issue I’ve attended in years!!!” ~ Francesco Viglienghi, ACC Corporate Coach – Perugia, Italy 

The Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®) is the world’s only statistically validated assessment of a person’s influence potential. The KII® delivers two unique, customized reports. The KII® Report gives you a total influence score and measurements of the Seven Influence Traits®; confidence, commitment, courage, passion, empowering, trustworthiness, and likeability. The SOCR™ Report correlates the Seven Influence Traits® scores with the Five Organizational Competencies™; leadership, communication, team effectiveness, strategy & solutions, and execution & evaluation. There are specific levels of materials available to coaches to use in conjunction with the KII® Assessment.  

ICF Core Competencies Applicability:

  • CC#4 – Coaching Presence
  • CC#6 – Powerful Questioning
  • CC#7 – Direct Communication
  • CC#8 – Creating Awareness 



Karen Keller, Ph.D., MCC   | 

Karen KellerKaren Keller, Ph.D., MCC, CEO of Karen Keller International, Inc., is author/creator of the Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®). She is a clinical psychologist and Master Certified Coach specializing in influence and human behavior. Dr. Keller develops programs, materials and resources relating to the Art of Influence. Her latest influence report, SOCR®, incorporates a person’s Seven Influence Traits® as related to the 5 Organizational Competencies. She is passionate at helping people and companies develop their influence potential and an influence culture. Dr. Keller speaks and facilitates training seminars on Influence Mastery for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 corporations. Her list of clients includes Clemson University, PepsiCo, American Express, Pizza Hut, Paragon Medical, and Purdue University. 

Karen Keller International, Inc. (KKI) develops programs, materials and resources relating to the Art of Influence. KKI is the sole distributor of the Keller Influence Indicator® which measures Influence Potential through the Seven Influence Traits® and is now used in 39 countries world-wide. KKI is on the forefront of the global influence movement for individuals and organizations. 


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