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ICFTN CHAPTER MEETING: Emotions-Centered Coaching: Getting to the Heart of the Matter | VIA ZOOM

July 10, 2020
11:45 AM CDT - 1:00 PM CDT
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About The Chapter Meeting

Think for a moment about the original meaning of the word “emotion”; E-motion, the energy that moves you, your fuel for action. If we understand emotions in this simple, practical way, it becomes clear how they are integral to coaching yet many coaches are uncomfortable working in the emotional domain. The irony is that everything our coachee says, every thought and behavior is rooted in one or more emotions. If we don’t understand them and feel confident working with them, we deprive ourselves and our clients of a critical tool. In this session, Dan will introduce a unique interpretation of emotions that allows us to embrace them and use them to coach more deeply and sustainably.

Emotions-Centered Coaching is based on the belief that emotions are the essential connection between thoughts and actions. No amount of thinking alone generates action, and the body doesn’t move without the impulse of an emotion. There is a logical construct for every emotion. It gives us information, it predisposes us to a specific action, and it has a purpose. Loyalty, for instance, informs us we feel part of a group, we are inclined to protect or defend that group, and its purpose is to bind groups together. When we understand loyalty in this way, it becomes a support and tool rather than a mysterious, unpredictable force.

Join Dan Newby for a fascinating exploration of emotions and how they can enrich your coaching.

About The Presenter

Dan NewbyDan Newby is the founder of school of, a virtual education center for emotional literacy. He is a long-time coach and teacher working with coaches, leaders, and educators. He is the author of 3 books on emotional literacy, co-creator of Emoli™ Emotion Flash Cards, teachers online courses, and delivers masterclasses worldwide.

In his own words: “When I realized that all my behavior stemmed from the emotion or mood I was in at a given moment a light went on. It became apparent that everything we say, think, do (or don’t do) as humans is rooted in emotions. Connecting that with our woeful ignorance of emotions and lack of a practical model for working with them, I committed myself to make emotional literacy common sense in the world.”

Dan was a Senior Course Leader for Newfield Network for eight years. In those years he led coach training programs in the U.S., Amsterdam and at the University of Calgary. He has worked with several school systems in the U.S., global commercial enterprises and NGOs. His individual clients live in all parts of the world and range from executive and senior leaders to front line managers. Twenty plus years as a business leader at all levels gives him insight into the challenges and needs of employees, managers, and leaders across the organization.

Dan’s passion for elevating emotional literacy fuels his writing, teaching, and development of games to help people learn the value of emotions and the many ways they enrich our lives. Dan was born in the U.S., has lived in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. He currently lives near Barcelona, Spain.



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