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MARKETING MONDAY: How to Change Your Self-Talk So you Attract Clients with Confidence

December 19, 2016
12:00 PM CST - 1:00 PM CST
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Virtual - Conference Call


Marketing with Confidence


Most coaches hate sales and marketing. “All we want to do is help people!” Yet, who can you help if you can’t bring yourself to attract clients? … And without clients, you’ll forever worry about money, too. The truth is, sales and marketing can be A LOT easier if you learn how to change the self-talk that’s going on in your head. 90% of your resistance happens inside your mind. Matter of fact, even coaches who hate sales can get to the point where they are confident, and even enjoy attracting clients.

Join Nicki McClusky and discover:

  • The #1 Reason Why Coaches Sabotage Themselves With Sales and Marketing

  • 3 Ways To Overcome Mental Blocks To Marketing

  • How To Develop The Courage To Put Yourself Out There

  • The Secret To Turning Fear and Doubt Into Clarity And Confidence

It’s time to become the kind of person who attracts clients more CONFIDENTLY. 

1 CCEU hour offered


About Nicki McClusky:

Nicki Nicki McClusky specializes in helping coaches, consultants, and other professionals become “confident marketers” who enjoy marketing and sales instead of hating sales. Her clients change their self-talk profoundly---especially self-talk that gets in the way of building a healthy, vibrant, full-time business. After struggling for years herself, she discovered how to
transform the energy of negative, diminishing self-talk into positive and uplifting self-talk. In making this vital change, she flourished and grew both herself and her business. Now she helps others do the same. She has helped hundreds of others create the profound shifts they wanted to make, serving as a coach, consultant, and teacher to entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, nonprofit leaders, public speakers, politicians, and TV personalities. 

Nicki is the author of 15 books, including You Have A Self, Unplug the Judge, and recently, How to Stop Being Too Hard on Yourself, Change Your Self-Talk, Change Your Life.

Nicki McClusky’s coaching programs leverage her two graduate degrees, 12 years as a Certified Professional Coach, and 35 years of teaching/psychotherapy service. She currently serves as President of the International Coach Federation St. Louis chapter and mentor coaches those working toward their ICF ACC and PCC certifications.

“Nicki is a fantastic coach. Her approach is intuitive, compassionate, incredibly supportive, yet also insightful, challenging where appropriate, and focused. She has the great ability to meet her client right where they are and take them far beyond what they might have imagined possible. I highly recommend Nicki as a Transformational Presence Coach.” - Alan Seale, Professional Certified Coach, Director of the Center for Transformational Presence Coaching



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