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President's Report

Hello, Fellow ICF-TN Members,

As the summer comes to a close, it’s time to face forward and recommit to learning and our plans for the year. I am looking forward to our September programs in Nashville: 

  • Dan Haile’s presentation which will explore ethical dilemmas in coaching. This will be a great way to receive your required ethics training CCE for ICF, and learn with colleagues about the nuances involved in ethical decisions.

  • Following the luncheon, Deb Palmer George will lead a workshop on conversational intelligence. If, like me, you consider yourself a life-long learner you will not want to miss out on these back-to-back opportunities. I hope to see you there!

And in Knoxville, East TN subchapter member Dr. Stacy Myer is presenting a look at how to build a healthy, cohesive team, based on Patrick Lencioni's leadership fable, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

Coming up: You recently received an email containing a revised copy of our chapter bylaws as well as the 2019 Board of Directors slate for your review. These documents have been approved by the current board in advance of a vote by the membership that will take place during our September meeting. Please review these documents prior to the meeting and be prepared to vote.

In last month’s newsletter I told you about a recent vacation when I “kept the boundary” and didn’t check professional or personal messages while I was away. Here’s an update around that.

I’ve recently received several “thank you’s” from staff members. They told me that when I respond to their messages while on vacation, they in turn feel pressure to check their messages while they are away! For the record, I don’t intend for staff to check in during their vacations, but my actions spoke louder than my words.

My take-way: whether I realize it or not, my actions can influence others and I want to model healthy behaviors. 

Thank you for the honor of serving as your chapter president.

Pam Brown



Pam Brown, ACC, CFRE | ICFTN President

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Calendar of Events

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Training & Networking

FOUNDATIONS FOR CHRISTIAN COACHING - 2018 Training: sundays | september 23 - october 14 | 3:00pm-6:00pm

Coaching Change, Transition, Transformation - CAM 503:

This course provides students the knowledge and skills necessary for coaching people and groups through change. Attention is given to understanding different types of change, how to support people going through transitions, and how to use coaching to initiate positive change. Led by Janet Walls.

This course is approved for 16 hours of ACSTH through ICF. Cost for non-BBC members is $250. For more information contact Melissa Hayes at

Radiant Coaches Academy-holistic coach certification training | october 22 - november 2, 2018

Holistic Coach Certification

Interested in Learning More About NLP or Practicing What You Know in a Coaching Circle? 

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is much more than a set of patterns or “visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.”  NLP provides a powerful set of communication and change models that are useful in personal and professional change.

The coaching circle will cover the theories, pre-suppositions, and practice of NLP and Neuro-Semantics as they related to related to coaching for transformational change.

If you are interested in in learning about NLP and an important innovation in the field, Neuro-Semantics, then please let Joe Brodnicki at  Joe is a licensed Neuro-Semantic NLP trainer as well as a coach.

The study group will be held on-line. Dates and times and topics will be decided by participants.  Drop Joe an e-mail if you are interested or have questions.

Come and learn some different approaches to communicating and the use of language.



The Middle Tennessee SHRM Programs, Legal Education and Professional Development committees invite members of our business community, academic scholars, subject matter experts as well as professional and associate members to share their experiences and best practices with MT|SHRM members. Find a list of focus areas and information to submit your presentation information here.

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Welcome New Members

Please give a warm welcome (or welcome back!) to our NEW members and our RENEWING members.

Anita Bailey, Bailey Marketing Strategies

Leslie Beale, Profusion Strategies

Kay Belangia, A Better Way With Kay

Bethany Belice, National Nuclear Security Administration

Joe Brodnicki, Sucess Navigation Associates

Margi Bush, Collaborative Thinking LLC d.b.a. Wisdom Tree Coaching

Scott Edens, Edens Group LLC

Curt Hall, CHR Consulting

Yvonne Hart, A Focused Purpose Coaching

Patricia James, PB&J Consulting

Jessica Jernigan, Magnolia Beautiful Wellness, Inc

Megan Johnson-Rox, JMJ Communication Group

Chris Lambos, Chris Lambos, CLC

Cynthia Minor, McDowell Minor

Rachel Moore-Beard, Stragegy and Leadership, LLC

Hank Staggs, Hank Staggs

Janet Walls, Delta Blvd

Marc Wolfe, Marc A. Wolfe Enterprises, LLC

Member Note: Don't hesitate to contact the ICFTN Assistant, Celeste Shepherd, if you need any assistance with renewing a membership, filling out your profile, or navigating the site.

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Prism and Chapter Awards

December is always a special month for our chapter. It's our privilege to honor local companies or organizations who embrace coaching and chapter members who have made outstanding contributions to our chapter and the community. We will be asking for your nominations for the Prism Award (companies and organizations), the Pat White Award (outstanding service to the chapter) and the Community Service Award (serving the community through coaching). We will release the criteria and online nominations process in September.

You can register for the December luncheon here >>


Mentors Needed

The ICFTN Membership Committee would like to welcome all new Members and Returning Members.  Help us make your membership a learning and rewarding experience by letting us know your goals and intentions. As usual, we are always looking for ideas and suggestions from our membership. 2018 Membership Co-Chairs: Hank Staggs and Anna Walker

Read more about becoming a Mentor.

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