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President's Report

I recently did something I haven’t done in a long time. I went 98% off the grid.

When I took a vacation in April, I ended up working every day I was out of town. I returned feeling like I hadn’t been away. I have no one to blame but myself for that, and I decided I want to make a change.

Last month my husband and I took a quick, four-day vacation. I told everyone at the office I was not going to check email except to look for a message from one specific sender that involved payroll. Key staff members knew they could text me in case of an emergency such as a meteor falling on one of the organization’s locations. No one texted me. I disabled my office phone’s call forwarding feature. I set up an out of office assistant on my Gmail account and I didn’t check messages.

Here’s what I learned from the experience:

  • I work with professionals who know how to do their jobs “when the boss is away.”

  • “Checking in” had become a habit that was difficult to break.

  • When I am more fully present for a vacation I return feeling more refreshed. And, duh, I have more fun while I am away.

  • While it was tempting to open emails that did not pertain to payroll, I learned I could keep an important self-promise.

Unplugging was a way for me to attend to my self-care needs. I say all of this to encourage you to continue to discover what self-care looks like for you. If you’re anything like me, the occasional reminder can be helpful!

Looking ahead..

I’m looking forward to our September chapter meeting and Dan Haile’s presentation on A Community of Practice: Exploring Ethical Dilemmas in Coaching Together. Those of us who hold the ACC, PCC, or MCC, credentials are required to obtain one CEU in ethics. I’m grateful our chapter is providing that opportunity!

Due to the overwhelming response to her work, Deb Palmer George will be back in September for a special workshop on Conversational Intelligence? (C-IQ) – An Appreciative Experience for Coaches in Deepening “Use of Self”.  We are so excited to continue this work with Deb in an extended 3-hour session immediately following our lunch meeting on September 14.  I hope you’ll join me there!

Thank you for the honor of serving as your chapter president.

Pam Brown



Pam Brown, ACC, CFRE | ICFTN President

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In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Doug Silsbee, the founder of Presence-based Coaching died on Monday, July 30. A number of our chapter members knew Doug well and will attend his celebration of life on August 12 at Bend of Ivy near Asheville, NC. Bebe Hanson, who presented to our chapter earlier this year has worked with Doug for many years, has formally taken on the role of Principal of Presence Based Coaching as of April of this year.  Learn more about Doug’s work by visiting

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Calendar of Events

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Training & Networking


All training events are two-day classes, total of 16 CEUs upon completion. Registration required to attend. $50 for Brentwood Baptist members. Non-Brentwood Baptist members ($250 fee).

For registration and class information contact Janet Walls,


Radiant Coaches Academy-holistic coach certification training - october 22-november 2, 2018

Holistic Coach Certification

Interested in Learning More About NLP or Practicing What You Know in a Coaching Circle? 

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is much more than a set of patterns or “visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.”  NLP provides a powerful set of communication and change models that are useful in personal and professional change.

The coaching circle will cover the theories, pre-suppositions, and practice of NLP and Neuro-Semantics as they related to related to coaching for transformational change.

If you are interested in in learning about NLP and an important innovation in the field, Neuro-Semantics, then please let Joe Brodnicki at  Joe is a licensed Neuro-Semantic NLP trainer as well as a coach.

The study group will be held on-line. Dates and times and topics will be decided by participants.  Drop Joe an e-mail if you are interested or have questions.

Come and learn some different approaches to communicating and the use of language.



The Middle Tennessee SHRM Programs, Legal Education and Professional Development committees invite members of our business community, academic scholars, subject matter experts as well as professional and associate members to share their experiences and best practices with MT|SHRM members. Find a list of focus areas and information to submit your presentation information here.

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Welcome New Members

Please give a warm welcome (or welcome back!) to our NEW members and our RENEWING members.

Kimberly Andrews, Envision Career Design

Pamela Carter, Solutions

Kimberly Cashio, Kimberly Cashio

Erin Kaminski, Sharecare

Nancy Kay, Starting Point Coaches

Leigh Ann Roberts, Circle Center Consulting, LLC

Sara Skillen, SkillSet Organizing

Mark Stamper, Coach Mark Stamper

Diane Watson, Diane Watson Executive Coaching

Lauren Zoeller, Whole Living Life Coach

Member Note: Don't hesitate to contact the ICFTN Assistant, Celeste Shepherd, if you need any assistance with renewing a membership, filling out your profile, or navigating the site.

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Mentors Needed

The ICFTN Membership Committee would like to welcome all new Members and Returning Members.  Help us make your membership a learning and rewarding experience by letting us know your goals and intentions. As usual, we are always looking for ideas and suggestions from our membership. 2018 Membership Co-Chairs: Hank Staggs and Anna Walker

Read more about becoming a Mentor.

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Member News


ICFTN Member Dez Stephens shared the news that she recently earned her ACC through ICF. Congratulations to Dez!


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