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A Message from the President

JULY 2020

Dear Fellow Coaches,

Over the last few months, we have witnessed both unexpected change and reminders of the need for more. As a chapter, we have been flexing to accommodate a new environment and asking what we can do to contribute to needed societal reform. We are also asking ourselves, “What is possible right now? What opportunities are presenting themselves to us?”

Our chapter is intended to cover the entire state, yet most of our activity has been located in Nashville. Quarantine has given us momentum to go virtual, enabling us to easily expand our reach beyond Middle Tennessee coaches to those in East and West Tennessee. In addition, our recent efforts to better monitor and respond to legislation affecting our profession benefits coaches statewide. The opportunity present for ICFTN is the capacity to support more coaches! 

Similarly, I hold great hope that the current civil unrest will push us toward action that encourages greater access to coaching in underserved populations, both as clients and coaches. As a part of the Southeast region of ICF global, we have the opportunity to participate in a Town Hall meeting, devoted to “Breaking Down the Barriers of Race and Systemic Inequality”. This will be a great opportunity to engage this important topic and find ways to get involved. Register here.

By stepping firmly into the world of virtual events, we have greatly increased the number of opportunities available to you. In order to help you more easily see and sign up for those you’re interested in, our website now contains a Calendar of Events. Check it out here.  We are hearing about many virtual opportunities outside of ICFTN and ICF Global. Our Director of Professional Development, Lisa Gamble, is working on a new part of our website you can access if you are interested in exploring those.

Ankura, owner of the space we rent for chapter meetings, has extended their facility closure through September 1st.  Our planning for speakers happens months in advance; therefore, the board has decided to continue to hold our chapter meetings virtually through the end of the year.  Please make plans to join us at this month’s meeting on July 10.  JOIN US ON JULY 10

ICFTN exists to help you coach more, coach better, and make a difference doing it. We look forward to helping you do just that in the days to come.

All the best,

Joanna Williams
President - ICF Tennessee

Did you know? 

Did you know that ICF Global members enjoy free or discounted access to ICF industry research reports that will help them make savvy business decisions and communicate the power of professional coaching to prospective clients? ICF’s Research Portal contains articles, case studies, journals and reports about coaching and related topics. You can find out more at

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Calendar of Events

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ICFTN Member Spotlight


Angela’s expertise as a coach and learning facilitator stems from twenty years in Human Resources.

Get to know Angela before her July 16 ICFTN Micro Learning meeting >>

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Member News

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Keep up to date with your fellow members on our new Member News page (under About Us on the website). You can find Member Kudos, the New Member Corner, Membership Moment and Welcome to New and Renewing Members here.

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Training & Networking

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Offerings by our members and associates can now be found on the Community Events page (under the Resources tab on the website). You can find opportunities for continuing education here.

Community Events

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