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A Message from the President


Dear fellow coaches,

One of my favorite things about being a coach is having colleagues who not only believe they can make a difference in the world, but have a plan to do just that.  Facilitating change and helping people stretch and grow is in our DNA as coaches. 

We know that we can’t take others where we have not gone ourselves. To this end, two important opportunities are available to you. The Southeast Region of ICF chapters is holding a second Town Hall meeting to discuss the issue of racism. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear from ICF leaders about their experiences and participate in a facilitated discussion with other coaches. There is no cost, but you will need to register.

Similarly, our Professional Development committee have secured Cortney Cahill, M.S.O.D. and Harold Hill, M.B.A., for our September chapter meeting "How to Build Your Racial Competence". Cahill and Hill will help us examine our own biases and thinking patterns related to Diversity and Inclusion. Registration is open here.

Another important event at the September chapter meeting will be the election of nominees for our 2021 board. 

The Outreach Committee is seeking members willing to offer a coaching experience to the general public during our Get Clear with Coaching event the week of September 21. Introducing people to the joy and effectiveness of coaching is great fun! The event will be virtual. To volunteer your time, please confirm your qualifications and register.

Remember, ICFTN exists to help you coach more, coach better, and make a difference doing it!

Have a great month,

All the best,

Joanna Williams
President - ICF Tennessee

Did you know? 

The International Coach Federation maintains a code of ethics on which all members are required to periodically train and accept as the ethical standard for our businesses. 

The ICF Code of Ethics serves to uphold the integrity of ICF and the global coaching profession by:

  • Setting standards of conduct consistent with ICF core values and ethical principles.

  • Guiding ethical reflection, education, and decision-making

  • Adjudicating and preserving ICF coach standards through the ICF Ethical Conduct Review (ECR) process

  • Providing the basis for ICF ethics training in ICF-accredited programs

This code and the training about it help us to maintain the highest standards of conduct as we serve our clients, assuring them of our commitment to professionalism. 

The ICF Code of Ethics has recently been updated. If you haven’t reviewed it lately, you can find review it here.

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ICFTN Member Spotlight

Dr. Aikyna FinchDr. AIKYNA FINCH

Business, life, and social media coaching are the foundation of Aikyna's professional life.

Explore Aikyna's journey >>

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Member News


The navigator program is an opportunity for coaches to serve other coaches by sharing expertise and providing support. Navigator engagements consist of three 30-minute conversations. These interactions might focus on career, entrepreneurship or family, education, work-life balance, or any other topics the two parties agree on. Here’s how it works:

This program is designed to help our members build relationships, get needed resources, and pay it forward. Navigators will offer their time and identify their areas of expertise. Protégés will identify a need question or problem they have. The membership committee will pair Navigators with Proteges. They each sign terms of agreement and the pair will schedule and meet on their own from there. 

The ICFTN NAVIGATOR PROGRAM: matching a Coach with a question to a Coach with an answer.

Visit our new member news page

Keep up to date with your fellow members on our new Member News page (under About Us on the website). You can find Member Kudos, the New Member Corner, Membership Moment and Welcome to New and Renewing Members here.

Note: Member News is archived upon publication of the next month's newsletter.

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Training & Networking

Visit our new COMMUNITY EVENTS page

Offerings by our members and associates can now be found on the Community Events page (under the Resources tab on the website). You can find opportunities for continuing education here.

Community Events

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