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A Message from the President

January 2021

Karen Nash

Happy New Year!

ICFTN ended 2020 on a high note as we reflected on the year with the facilitation of Billy Kirsch and Victoria Banks from Kidbilly Music. Our song “Found Our Silver Linings Too” described our year of connecting virtually, finding new strength by facing our challenges, and gaining greater understanding and empathy for each other.

The chorus sums our ICFTN experience:

Our tribe in 2020 will help us thrive in ’21
This year sure ain’t been funny
But we still got something done
Learn, connect, adapt
ICF has helped us through
We’ve weathered through the storms 
And found our silver linings too

Download full lyrics here.

I’m grateful to ICFTN for helping me move through 2020. And, I’m eager to see how we will build on the silver linings, lessons learned, and new opportunities. As a chapter, we will continue to focus on enhancing our competency as coaches through professional development, building our connection with each other, and educating our communities about coaching and its benefits. The 2021 ICFTN Board is creating the plan to bring a vision of growth to reality:

  • Grow wider: Connect with more coaches in all parts of Tennessee, in addition to our presence in Middle and East Tennessee.

  • Grow deeper: In our membership, professional development, marketing, and outreach reflect the diversity of our communities.

  • Grow smarter: As a Board, we work “smarter not harder” so that we can exceed our members’ expectations and engage more members in service (which helps us exceed expectations).

The Board and I are very excited about these vision elements! Be sure to read the "Get Involved with ICFTN" section to meet the ICFTN 2021 Board. We are all eager to provide you, our members, with the opportunities to learn, grow, and develop that you want.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the first program of the year, Value and Future of Coaching with Jeffrey Hull, Ph.D., on January 15, 2021.

With gratitude and excitement,


Karen Nash, ICFTN President | [email protected] 

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Calendar of Events

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Get Involved with ICFTN

What excites you about ICFTN in 2021? What do you want to gain as a member of ICFTN?


Want to learn a particular topic or hear from a particular speaker?

Join our Professional Development Committee to help create amazing learning opportunities.

Lisa GambleLisa Gamble

Diane Watson

Diane Watson

Lisa Gamble and Diane Watson, Co-Directors of Professional Development (contact: [email protected])



Want to learn new ways to market your business?

Join our Marketing committee to learn about traditional and social media marketing.

Aikyna Finch

Aikyna Finch

Nicole Provonchee

Nicole Provonchee

Aikyna Finch, Nicole Provonchee, Co-Directors of Marketing (contact: [email protected])



Want to expand your network?

Join Membership to meet and greet and find ways to help our new and current members connect.

Gail Southwell

Gail Southwell

Anna Walker

Anna Walker

Laurie Macnair

Laurie Macnair

Gail Southwell and Anna Walker Co-Directors of Membership and Laurie Macnair Director of East Tennessee Region Membership. (contact: [email protected])



Want more businesses, non-profits, and individuals to understand what coaching is and how you can help them?

Join our Outreach Committee to partner on ways to educate potential clients.

Angela Ellis

Angela Ellis

Susan Salomone

Susan Salomone

Angela Ellis and Susan Salomone, Co-Directors of Outreach (contact: [email protected])



Our other Board members who are working to support the chapter are

Brenda Baird
Brenda Baird

Joanna Williams

Joanna Williams
Immediate Past President

Jennifer Gamble

Jennifer Gamble



Ben Papa
Benjamin Papa

  Mark Robertson

Mark Robertson
Member At-Large


If you have ideas and interests in things that aren’t listed, let me or a member of the Board know. We welcome you to participate in making our chapter an even more vibrant community!

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ICFTN Member Spotlight


Yvonne Hart

Janet Walls' extensive M&A experience in the corporate world led her to create her firm Delta Blvd., which specializes in helping individuals and organizations navigate change. A lifelong learner, she loves music and travel and teaching.

Visit with Janet Walls >>

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Member News

New Member Corner

Click each image to learn more about our newest members.

Emiel Barrett

Rebecca Sok

Debra Field

December Awards

Congratulations to Cigna for being the 2020 Prism Award winner. Four years ago, Cigna created a coaching program. The program has recruited over 30 employees who attended an ICF-certified coaching program and are coaching high-level and high-potential leaders across the organization. Our ICFTN member, Jeremy Teran, is a coach in their program. (Insert photo of Jeremy)

Jeremy Teran

Congratulations to Aikyna Finch for being the Pat White Chapter Service Award winner. Aikyna is a Social Media and Technical Coach and Consultant who has served as Social Media Manager for ICFTN since 2018. She has used her talents to promote and publicize ICFTN on Facebook and LinkedIn. Dr. Finch is currently serving on the ICFTN Board as a Co-Director of Marketing.



The navigator program is an opportunity for coaches to serve other coaches by sharing expertise and providing support. Navigator engagements consist of three 30-minute conversations. These interactions might focus on career, entrepreneurship or family, education, work-life balance, or any other topics the two parties agree on. Click here to participate.

Visit our member news page

Keep up to date with your fellow members on our Member News page (under About Us on the website). You can find Member Kudos, the New Member Corner, Membership Moment and Welcome to New and Renewing Members here.

Note: Member News is archived upon publication of the next month's newsletter.

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Training & Networking

Visit our new COMMUNITY EVENTS page

Offerings by our members and associates can now be found on the Community Events page (under the Resources tab on the website). You can find opportunities for continuing education here.

Community Events

Note: Events are archived in Community Events Achive upon publication of the next month's newsletter.

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