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A Message from the President

November 2020

Dear fellow coaches,

We’ve had a lot of change this year! What better subject for our November chapter meeting and workshop on November 13 than Navigating Change with Coaching: An Exploration of Mindsets and Models? These events will be joint meetings with the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP).

Our very own Janet Walls and Dayle Savage will be presenting, joined by Angela Courtney, founding member of the Tennessee chapter of ACMP. We hope you’ll join us by registering here on our Events page (registration closes 11/12/20 at 8 pm).

Our final 2020 new member meeting, valuable for both new and seasoned members, will occur on November 19. 

Annual ICFTN Survey - Give it your time! Our annual SURVEY will remain open until close of business central time on Monday, Nov. 16. Thank you to all who have completed it so far. We want a strong percentage of our members giving their voice to the survey. And there are 6 give-aways this year: 1 annual membership; 2 monthly meeting program fees; and 3 micro-learning program fees. So, click this link - we want to hear what you have to say! 

We exist to help you coach more, coach better, and make a living doing it. 

Happy coaching,

Joanna WilliamsPresident - ICF Tennessee

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Glenn Maul

Glenn Maul

Glenn Maul's impressive coaching career is attributed to his diverse background, helping others who struggled with the “human” side of things and his passion for giving back.

Who is Glenn Maul? >>

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Member News

A Special Thank you to Our Member VOLUNTEERS: GIFT OF COACHING

November is the month where we make a special point of expressing gratitude, so we wanted to take a few moments to say thank you to all our members who have volunteered to support the Community Outreach Committee with our programs this year.

Our Gift of Coaching program, where we provide ongoing coaching to individuals from local organizations, kicked off in July. We had 14 members volunteer to participate in the program, and coaching is still going. We are excited that we were able to support three organizations – PENCIL, which coordinates community partnerships with the Metro Nashville Public Schools; the Middle Tennessee chapter of 100 Black Men, which provides resources to further the academic and social development of black male students in Nashville and surrounding Middle Tennessee; and Hands On Nashville, which connects thousands of volunteers to more than 300 service projects each month.

The Get Clear with Coaching program was a one-week event when we offered one-time pro bono coaching sessions to members of our community. Nearly 25 coaches volunteered and offered nearly 100 hours of coaching. We reached out to about 40 organizations across the state of Tennessee including local chapters of the Society for Human Resource Management, chambers of commerce, and various professional associations.

Both of these programs have helped raise awareness of the coaching profession, and we look forward to offering them again with even greater impact next year.

Thank you to all our coaches who supported these efforts.


The navigator program is an opportunity for coaches to serve other coaches by sharing expertise and providing support. Navigator engagements consist of three 30-minute conversations. These interactions might focus on career, entrepreneurship or family, education, work-life balance, or any other topics the two parties agree on. Click here to participate.

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Training & Networking

Visit our new COMMUNITY EVENTS page

Offerings by our members and associates can now be found on the Community Events page (under the Resources tab on the website). You can find opportunities for continuing education here.

Community Events

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