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A Message from the President

APRIL 2021

Karen Nash

Spring! I always feel excited watching spring arrive. Buds popping. Birds singing. Taking off heavy coats. Opening windows. Images of renewal, growth, new energy… I’m invigorated to see the spring of ICF Tennessee. The Board and committees have been working, heads-down, on new professional development opportunities; new ways to connect with members, guests, and our community; new systems to allow us to work more efficiently as volunteers. It’s an exciting time. The volunteers have been tending these seeds since the beginning of the year. Now they are beginning to sprout!

One example of renewal was presented in the March Chapter meeting by our member Grover Hardin. Grover serves on the Membership Committee and is directing the Navigator Program, where members help members. Grover refreshed the original design of the Navigator Program, making it easier to participate. He shared a video overview that describes the purpose of the Navigator program and provides instructions on how to become a Navigator or Protégé. Check out the video here. It’s a great video, showcasing an example of two committees-Membership and Marketing-partnering to support ICF Tennessee members in creative ways.

I was excited about the revamped Navigator Program. Although I’d committed to sign up as a Navigator, I wasn’t sure what member need might arise that would be matched with me. I met with Grover to discuss this. He described scenarios where a Protégé might want to schedule the three-thirty minute calls with me as a Navigator. They included if someone in a career transition wanted to discuss life as an internal coach compared to as an external coach. My insight based on doing both could make me a good match. Experience that I’ve gained completing different coaching and certification programs could help someone who’s choosing the focus for their next professional development effort. There might be someone who is looking for an accountability partner as they, like me, prepare to submit their application for an ICF credential. I laughed realizing how much I’d welcome a coffee chat to discuss the new competencies! Due to his continuous improvement mindset, Grover said that he welcomes input and feedback on the Navigator Program.

How could being a Navigator or a Protégé support your growth? I hope you will complete the form to become a Navigator. You may be the match for me when I submit my Protégé form!

Special thanks to Grover and Dr. Aikyna Finch and Nicole Provonchee for your partnership to create the Navigator Program copy and video. (We have great talent in our chapter!) Thank you to all of the volunteers on each of the committees and on the Board! I see your work and am thrilled! What you are doing ensures that we deliver great opportunities to our members.

Finally, in May we have TWO great programs with Marshall Goldsmith! On May 4th, Leading in a Time of Crisis and May 20th, What Got You Here, Won't Get You There. Please join the conversations and bring a client or a friend. Virtual seats are limited so please register quickly. Stay tuned for more exciting programs. And, join us as a volunteer. It’s a great way to expand your network and contribute to coaches across Tennessee.

With the excitement of Spring,

Karen Nash, ICFTN President | [email protected] 

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Get Involved with ICFTN

International Coaching Week | Gift of Coaching

The Outreach Committee is excited to announce our plans for International Coaching Week and for the Gift of Coaching program.

We will celebrate International Coaching Week the week of May 17 with a social media campaign, a very special event with Marshall Goldsmith, and pro bono coaching sessions the entire week.

The Gift of Coaching program partners our member coaches with staff and clients of our partner organizations for a 6-session coaching engagement.

We are looking for volunteers for both programs. If you are interested in learning more about either or both of these programs, please complete our committee’s survey by April 12.

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ICFTN Member Spotlight

Susan Salomone

Susan Salomone

Susan has first-hand experiences with life transitions, having moved all over the world with her military husband. Luckily she put down roots in Nashville and can now use her human resources experience to help others in transition.

Get to know Susan >>

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New Member Corner

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Sheila Delony


John Hope

Erica Teasley

Erica Teasley

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Member News

Looking for information on ICF Credentialing?

The ICF Global team has created an informative 17-minute Credentialing Informational Video.

If you have questions after watching the video, join a live Quarterly Q&A Call to get answers. Click here for the Dates and Times of the 2021 calls and to register.

ICFTN Navigator Program

Navigator Program

Visit the updated Navigator Program Page!


Dying Well: Coaching for End of Life 
April 15, 2021 
Speaker: Leigh Ann Roberts

Coaches have a very important role to play in supporting clients navigating end-of-life issues.  When we hold space for authentic discussions on how to die well, humanity lives well.

Join an experiential 1 Hour 45 min session that reveals and supports development in end-of-life conversations. Whether you are a coach, a trusted advisor, or an individual seeking to hold space for another in their end-of-life decision-making, knowing your own capacity and limitations in these conversations is key. How can we empower others to find self-determination in these important decisions without doing our own work?

ICFTN Members receive 50% off with Coupon Code "ICFTN" at registration. Click here for more information.

Visit our member news page

Keep up to date with your fellow members on our Member News page (under About Us on the website). You can find Member Kudos, the New Member Corner, Membership Moment, and Welcome to New and Renewing Members here.

Note: Member News is archived upon publication of the next month's newsletter.

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Training & Networking


Offerings by our members and associates can be found on the Community Events page (under the Resources tab on the website). You can find opportunities for continuing education here.

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Community Events

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