Chapter Benefits

ICFTN Chapter Benefits

In addition to the many benefits of the ICF Global, the ICF TN local chapter provides coaches with the personal connections that can only be gained through community. Within the community of over 125 of your coaching peers, we understand the unique joys and challenges that come with creating a coaching business, sharpening skills and developing the profession of coaching. 

The following are a few of the opportunities and benefits of being a member:

Coaching Connections 

  • Connect, learn and share with peers through bi-monthly member luncheons, workshops and activities

  • Gain insight and understanding from fellow coaches

  • Develop one- on- one relationships with Mentor Coaches who help guide you through the coaching process and share best practices in your related field

  • Create a referral network with other coaches

  • Participate in outreach and volunteer coaching initiatives

  • Join a committee to become more involved in the growth and development of the chapter

  • Create a presence on the ICFTN website in the Member Directory

  • Increase professional visibility and credibility with use of the ICFTN logo on social media outlets

Coaching Continuing Education 

  • Bi- monthly local CEU’s

  • Professional development

  • Core competency skill enrichment

  • Business development

  • Ideas on building your coaching practice