How Do I Know I Am Good At What I Do?

As we approach the end of the year and you are beginning to feel the ten months of hard work you have put in, do you ever then question “how do I know I am good at what I do?” We tend to answer that question by comparing ourselves to others. But those others are comparing themselves to someone else, too. 

Instead of comparing yourself to someone else and coming up short because you are not them, compare yourself to you. Or more specifically, the progress you have made to achieve your 2019 goals or to how far you have come.

Instead of comparing yourself to someone else, reflect on what you have that the other person does not; your skill set. Your unique personality got you where you are. Now, what will get you further? What comes naturally? What skills can you work on in 2020?

How will you find out what you are good at? Ask a mentor. Write down patterns of your most successful experiences.

At this time of year, give thanks for the essential and authentic you that is like no one else.

Yes, you are good enough!! 

We are grateful for you, our members!!  Come to the December meeting to hear what other members are good at during our Gift of Coaching program.