Member to Member (M2M)

Navigate and connect: member to  member (m2m)

The NAVIGATOR program replaces what was mentoring. The NAVIGATOR program is a way for any coach to connect to an experienced coach/subject-matter expert on a particular topic that may be on your mind. In this program, your request may be, “I would like to understand how to attract more clients to my business.” The Membership Team then reviews your information and request. It will assign a designated Navigator (member volunteer with expertise in the topic) to work with you for 3-hours over the course of one month free of charge. The Membership Team is actively recruiting Navigators at this time. It’s a wonderful to be able to offer this service to one another!

The CONNECTOR program matches volunteer members to a new member. This is a volunteer opportunity for everyone! It is no more than a 90-day commitment to welcome, introduce, and make our newest members comfortable with ICFTN and the many ways we can connect to one another outside our bi-monthly meetings. Your commitment is for 3 touchpoints in a new member’s first 90 days with the organization, perhaps it looks like this: 1 phone call, 1 coffee talk, and one meeting meet-up to introduce to our newest member to other members. The Membership team welcomes everyone to serve in this way. 

It’s an exciting time to meet, learn, and grow M2M!  

Don’t wait for your Membership team to call you, please contact Co-chairs: Anna Walker at [email protected] or Dayle Savage at [email protected] TODAY!