President's Letter: February 2020

January’s luncheon was a fitting launch to our year. We looked back at the great professional development content we received in 2019, and considered how we had implemented what we learned. Small group discussions were facilitated by a variety of members.

A Simple Expression of Values

This luncheon was a simple expression of some important ICFTN values. We coaches consider ourselves lifelong learners. We participated in a learning process we promote with our clients, knowing that learning doesn’t just happen through receiving information, but results from taking action on what we’ve heard. Perhaps most striking to me was the contribution from so many of our members to the success of this luncheon. What great team work!

Ok, Boomer

Have you heard the phrase, “ok, boomer”? My adult children have taught me this phrase, meant to dismiss what a younger generation sees as out-of-touch opinions from the Baby Boomer generation. Then there is “Karen”, the stereotypical Gen X-er who is known for her harsh treatment of retail employees. While these disconnects between generations have existed before, social media and technology make them easier to discuss and perpetuate. Further, we know from our clients that intergenerational discord is showing up in the workplace and in their lives more than ever.

Steve Joiner of Lipscomb’s Institute of Conflict Management will speak about the collision of different generations and their expectations at the March 13 luncheon. You won’t want to miss it!


Whether you are a new or longer term member, you’ll enjoy the new membership orientation at Infoworks on February 28. You’ll learn what’s going on in the chapter and in ICF global as well as how to receive the greatest benefit from your membership.

Want to get involved? Your chapter needs a variety of skill sets and time commitments. Every contribution furthers our mission to help coaches coach more, coach better, and provide more value doing it.

If I can serve you, please reach out! [email protected].

Membership Minute

Did you know your ICF membership includes a member toolkit? The toolkit contains valuable resources such as media templates, a summary of core competencies, a client testimonial release form, and slide decks to use when speaking. To access these resources, visit

Joanna Williams, ICFTN President

Joanna Williams