President's Letter: June 2020

Fellow Coaches,

As I have spoken with friends, family, clients, and colleagues over the last few weeks, I’ve reflected on the impact of quarantine on our connectedness.  We understand the need for social distancing, but keenly feel the absence of the benefit of in-person encounters with others.  Community among fellow coaches is an important aspect of what ICFTN offers to its members and we miss the ability to be together. 

During the weeks since March, our chapter has shifted the professional development aspects of in-person chapter meetings, new member connections, and coach-to-coach sharing about business topics to a virtual platform.  In order to provide space for more social and relationship-building opportunities, we will begin offering two virtual social hours each month.  Dan Haile is heading up this new effort, aided by Megan Johnson Rox. 

You can find out more at  We hope to see you there. 

Your board continues to monitor our area’s efforts to minimize the effect of COVID-19 and discern how to operate in the “now normal”.  We have decided to conduct our previously scheduled July chapter meeting via Zoom.  Please plan to join us.

Remember that ICFTN exists to help you coach more, coach better, and bring transformation in our world doing it.  We want to hear from you to help us know how well we are accomplishing that goal!  You may contact me at [email protected].

As we “go to press” with this newsletter, we cannot let the continuing plague of racism in our country go unmentioned.  We are all impacted, albeit in different ways.  Like our clients, we may be experiencing pain, confusion, anger.  Some have been excelling in the face of discriminatory systems throughout their lifetimes.  Some are exhausted and disconnected from hope.  Some are asking important questions about how we can be part of the solution.  Members and friends, how are you?  What do you need right now to be your full, best self? 

We are coaches, uniquely positioned to look within as well as help our clients make meaningful change.  Our core competencies are tools at our disposal, especially: 

  • Establishing trust and intimacy to build relationship
  • Leading with active listening
  • Demonstrating coaching presence
  • Asking powerful questions


How can we use these competencies to affect change?  For example, what powerful question do you need to answer for yourself so that you can support yourself and your clients today?   

May we all be inspired to reflect deeply and be stirred to action, bringing our will, skills, and resources to bear upon the work of racial reconciliation. 


All the best,

Joanna Williams, ICFTN President

Joanna Williams

If I can serve you, please reach out!  [email protected]