President's Letter: March 2020

Legislative Representation for ICFTN

During the last five years, two bills having potential ramifications to our profession have been introduced into the Tennessee legislature. Fortunately, in each case, a coach in our chapter found out and the chapter was able to mobilize an effort to inform and influence legislators, such that the bills were withdrawn or amended to eliminate language impacting coaches. 

Recently the board approved a contract with Schmidt Government Solutions, LLC, a Nashville lobbying firm, to represent ICF-TN related to legislation. Schmidt will: 

  • Monitor active and developing legislation including regulatory changes

  • Regularly report the status of such legislation

  • Monitor relevant administrative actions and regulatory boards

  • Report to ICF-TN the results of that monitoring

  • Advise and guide ICF-TN in state legislative matters, to include developing a generic legislative response

  • Initiate and facilitate conversations with mental health professional associations and their lobbyists in order to educate them about our profession

Through these activities, we will protect our ability to bring the value of good coaching to our community without being hampered by poor or inappropriate legislation. Further, we will receive this important professional benefit at the cost of only about $30 per member!

We will host a webinar to give our members the opportunity to hear from Schmidt and ask questions about their services to us. The webinar will occur Monday, March 30 at 10:00 am. Watch for an email invitation to register and join us (or register by clicking here:

This effort by our chapter is a great example of what we can accomplish in support of our profession when we pool our resources. Thank you for your contribution through your membership in our association!

If I can serve you, please reach out!  [email protected]

Membership Moment

Did you know your ICF membership includes reciprocal coaching opportunities? You may be seeking coaching hours to achieve a higher credential or just to continue to hone your coaching skills.  Reciprocal coaching matches coaches and coachees for six session terms.  Multiple rounds are offered throughout the year, each offering unique opportunities. Some match participants by experience.  Others may include recording of the calls for use in credentialing. Learn more at


March 31 is the deadline for ICF Global membership. Please take a moment to renew in order to continue receiving our global association’s many benefits. If you aren’t already a member, consider it!  Any board member would be happy to discuss why we recommend global membership.

Joanna Williams, ICFTN President

Joanna Williams