It's About You. It's About Me.

It’s About You. It’s About Me.By Donna Yurdin, ICFTN President Coaches have a unique relationship with clients. We can open the eyes and expand the perspective of clients but do not tell them what to do; we are not consultants. We listen and learn all about the person, their past, thei...

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In the Spotlight: Celeste Shepherd, ICFTN Assistant

1 - Where are you from, and how did you choose to live in Middle Tennessee? I’m actually a native Nashvillian! Well, almost… I was born in London, England and moved to Tennessee with my parents at age 2. After college, I moved to Austin, Texas for a number of years, but when my son was...

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Chapter Benefits

ICFTN Chapter Benefits In addition to the many benefits of the ICF Global, the ICF TN local chapter provides coaches with the personal connections that can only be gained through community. Within the community of over 125 of your coaching peers, we understand the unique joys and challenges that co...

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